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Our relationships provide a genuine laboratory
enabling us to grow in maturity
and offer the best of ourselves


Connecting with others is the very essence of human nature. Being unable to connect is merely a manner of coping and an attempt at survival. Learning to connect with others, developing and breaking bonds is part of a learning process that enables us to mature into adulthood. Osélience accompanies people who Dare to reach out and connect to lead their lives to the fullest and shed their survival suits.


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Izya Barrett


Osélience personal coaching personnel

Osélience works with you
in your professional life

Develop genuine management and leadership skills, increase your relational impact.

Turn your team into a source of performance while connecting in a manner that is appreciated by everyone.

Learn to build or break bonds while maintaining the trust and positive energy of others.

Accompany the effects of cyclical changes in the workplace on your relations: merger, acquisition, restructuring.

Osélience is dedicated to accompanying your life changes transforming each step into an opportunity to embrace, grow and let go of the past.


Face-to-face interviews

Workshops and workgroups

In-company coaching

Osélience helps you
in your personal life issues

Embrace personal or professional change. Moving, separation, letting go of children, aligning professional goals.

Improve your relationship with your partner, your family.

Realize peaceful separations.

Free yourself from exhausting conflicts and debilitating emotions that lead to rupture.

Establish loving and/or emotional bonds that endure.

Osélience stands by men and women seeking to develop their relational maturity and their emotional openness.


Sessions for couples

Face-to-face interviews

Workshops and workgroups