Management coaching
Leadership and relational abilitye


An elegant combination of integrity, humility
and empathy provides leaders with their power of action.

You must adapt to a new approach to working, to new people who do not necessarily share your ideas, your perception.

You find it difficult to instill truly positive cohesion among your team.

You want to improve cooperation and do away with a feeling of isolation when managing projects.

You want to find your rightful place inside the company or explore your true professional objectives outside the company...

Presence is the difference that makes the difference in all aspects of leadership. When a leader operates from embodied presence, his or her communications are much more effective.

Robert Dilts


• Become more aware of your relational talents and communication difficulties during periods of stress or change.

• Dare to speak authentically and become more efficient when interacting.

• Develop a compassionate assertiveness.

• Increase the impact of your presence through your qualities of attentiveness and empathy.

• Take into account feedback guidelines to drive your teams and fine-tune your ability to connect.


The manager performs more efficiently. He or she is able to unify, listen to, take into consideration others while embracing individuality.

The individual enables his or her colleagues to grow thanks to the trust he or she personifies, a collaborative attitude and the initiative he or she embodies.

Those around him or her pool their resources to lead transformations to success.


Individual program (at Osélience):
Individual coaching sessions for the manager / executive
A 6-to-12 month coaching program.

Group program:
In-company coaching for executives and their teams.
Programs developed based upon specific customer needs.