Change Management


Developing our capacity to adapt to the unknown enables us to integrate differences and acquire new knowledge.

You have just experienced a separation or a difficult personal event...

You are leaving or being dismissed from your job...

You have just started a new position. ...

you are implementing changes within your company...

The best weapon to overcome doubt is perseverance in establishing trust.

John Campbell


• Understand the way in which changes interfere with your emotions by using the "life cycle" model and neuroscience.

• Use your energizing beliefs in the place of your inhibiting beliefs / Free yourself from unproductive life scenarios.

• Learn to use closing rituals.

• Discover true meaning and find the energy you need to build the future.

• Conduct talking circles and learn to use co-development techniques to build change collaboratively.


The future is shaped and the past is forgotten while the path is open to championing change with serenity in both your personal and professional lives.
You now have newfound vital energy and are prepared to embrace the future with confidence.


Two-day training programs, talking circles.
Face-to-face interviews.