Couple Therapy


Experience a loving relationship where each partner can reveal his or her true nature...

You want to grow and breathe new life into your loving relationship...

The tensions of daily life and your children have become sources of conflict between you and your partner...

It is difficult to speak to each other without becoming irritated or losing your temper...

You no longer share the same objectives...

You have profound disagreements over fundamental issues such as your children, finances, work, family, sexuality...

You are contemplating a separation...


When I meet you, we are in a dimension that is ours only, in our wounds, we are alone in our wounds.

Martin Burber



  • Facilitate meaningful encounters within a secure environment ensured by the presence of a third person.
  • Enable your partner to think more clearly through your presence.
  • Share your frustrations and needs so as to generate new ways of connecting.
  • Deepen the connection and bond you have with your partner thanks to neuroscience.
  • Draw parallels between your childhood and the relationship you share with your partner.
  • Develop empathy, compassion for one another.
  • Approach conflict as a stimulus for growth.
  • Learn the languages of love and enhance your capacity to love affectionately.
  • Determine the framework of a separation that is respectful of the needs of all parties.


Your relationship is rejuvenated, you have worked your way out of crisis or you have concluded a peaceful separation.
You develop a mature love founded on complete acceptance of yourself and of your partner.
You are able to conclude a smooth separation and become a responsible parental couple.

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Programs :

A 4-to-12 session program. Becoming a cooperative parental couple.
Intensive: one day to resolve difficult circumstances.
Couple's workshop (3 hours)