Personal and Relational Coaching


Stop being your own enemy and live
nourishing and loving relationships.

You are seeking a stable and harmonious loving relationship.

You are going through a separation.

You are experiencing relational conflict in the workplace or in your private life.

You are going through a difficult transition such as moving, the loss of a job, retirement, starting a new job.

You have difficulty asserting yourself, making your place, getting your point of view across.

You must learn to take your needs into account and set your limits.

Live the life you have chosen to live. That is to say, where you are, with what you are, and with who you are...

 Swami Prajnanpad


  • Use your emotions to facilitate your relations and minimize emotional responses.
  • Clearly identify your survival suit.
  • Increase your awareness of others while embracing individuality and growing your capacity to be attentive present and empathetic.


New personal and relational choices – a life attuned to your inner emotions. A more stable emotional state.

Self-confidence is developed helping you to meet life's challenges and changes.


Face-to-face interviews and relational growth WORKSHOPS –
"Authenticity and Empathy".