Conflict resolution


Conflict between two individuals is not the consequence of a problem with one of those individuals; it is a question of co-responsibility. Behind each conflict hides the gift of growth.

You find it difficult to cope with tension between peers or between a manager and his or her colleague...

You must distance yourself from a team member in a calm and serene manner...

A number of silos have been formed in your organization...

Two department heads disagree with each other...

The ambiance in your organization is deteriorating. The people in your organization experience difficulties cooperating with each other...

Conflict is an ally and an opportunity to grow and to grow one's bonds with others.

Hedy Schleifer


  • Manage your relational stress.
  • Learn to understand the other party in the conflict and to identify his or her ulterior needs.
  • Establish a "relational agreement" with mutual objectives for which both parties assume responsibility.
  • Establish an individual professional development contract for each party.
  • Co-construct meaningful and complementary relations.
  • Relieve the tension created by the forming of silos in the organization and by objectives that have not been met.
  • Realize a separation that is constructive for the company and for the employee.


Conflicts are resolved without costly and time-consuming legal proceedings.
People assume their share of responsibilities, work together to redefine the new foundations of a meaningful relationship; they give meaning and perspective to difficult circumstances.


Face-to-face sessions combined with a day of mediation with the parties involved by the conflict.