"Atouts Relationnels": strengthening relations in a unique way


An inspirational way to grow in our relationships, these playing cards serve as a guide and enable relational transformations to take place.
They provide a path to creativity and to the intuition needed to make decisions in any relationship, in order to...


Live life to the fullest and connect with others!


Draw one card each day and make your intentions known to a person of your choice.

"ELLE et LUI pour la vie": a card game for couples


For couples seeking to deepen their relationship and to know each other better.
May also be used by couple therapists and facilitators.
This card game was designed to give newfound energy and openness to any relationship.
It was not designed to settled conflicts but to provide...


The opportunity to share positive energies!


One of the two partners draws a card, reads the first part of a sentence and completes the sentence for two minutes while looking at his or her partner in the eyes.
The first partner serves as a mirror (expressing in his or her own words what he or she has heard) then the process is repeated by the second partner using the same card.


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