Stress Management 

Life Balance / Self care


Daily life constantly challenges us. Like a roly feeling our own center helps us keeping our balance.


Knowing our over-adapting strategies.

Respecting our profound needs, honoring them. Being in touch with our inner compass allowing us to set boundaries and make life choices the most appropriate for us.

You are going through conflicts , relational tensions….
You are not respecting your own personal boundaries.
You are tired and you are losing the meaning of your actions.
Changes in your life creates stress and emotional tensions.

You have noticed that your life style has deterioted...

It is only when one feels things in the depths of oneself that one makes them his own. Only then can we act on them and change.

Irvin Yalom


• Know your preferred mode of operation and the environments conducive to our fulfillment. (MBTI)

• Become aware of the profound needs that are being flouted.

• Become aware of the causal links that produce the imbalance.

• Take into account reactive behaviors, "survival" attitudes that activate stress and lose free will. (Neurosciences)

• Develop life disciplines leading to inner calm, meditation, breathing techniques and yoga.

• Establish a lifestyle program related to nature, body and health.

• Learn creativity-based approaches that improve performance.



The energy and confidence is retreived 

Decisions of life in respect with oneself

Awakened creativity to cope with conflict or life

Enhanced assertiveness

Change of belief system

People are able to set the limits that are beneficial to them.



Group program :

"Personal Power and Energy"-  Sessions developed based on videos , experiential exercices , self expression through clay and color.
Organization of training programs - held outdoors in a natural setting


Individual program (chez Oselience) :

Individual and team coaching.

A 6-to-12 month coaching program