I was surprised by Izya's capacity for listening as well as for caring and her sincerity. A true professional, she knows how to generate positive energy in others, capture and channel their energies.


This workshop showed me how to channel my positive energy and use it to shape my future, how to feel grateful for the things we have, our achievements and our environment.


This workshop enabled me to understand where my behavioral patterns come from and to control my personal emotions more effectively.


The group leader illustrated the principles presented in this workshop very well. This is because she herself is a good example of them. The exercises are easy to use and very effective. The group discussions enabled the participants to be open and share their personal experiences. The theoretical material was very useful.


The workshop was conducted in a very professional manner. The discussions were profound, authentic and, in certain aspects, very moving.


Izya manages the group perfectly and enables each participant to express what is essential for them.


The "From past to present" workshop helped me to break the mold of my previous job and to be better prepared to meet the challenges of the transition towards the next steps.


An A+ for style and content (decor, dress, kicking our shoes off, chairs and cushions, candles...). Everything is carefully prepared so that everyone is eager to participate in the workshop, even those with second thoughts!


I found the solution to how to cope with stress in a conflict situation.


Once again thank you and bravo to Izya who knew how to guide us (not necessarily easy at the outset) along the path to our future in the best possible way.