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About Us



For many years we have been convinced that the way we relate to others and to our environment contributes to the well-being of everyone and the planet.

Located in Le Bois Dieu, Osélience is a place that allows everyone to grow in their awareness of themselves, others and the environment.

Whether you are:

  • a leader, a team, a person on your professional path
  • a couple, a family, a parent and an adult child on your personal journey

We are here to create the right conditions for authentic, creative and peaceful encounters. At Oselience, we believe that it is from connection that the most thoughtful and informed decisions and actions are born.




Izya Barrett

Therapist - Coach

Izya is a Franco-American executive coach, relational facilitator, and mediator. With over 30 years of experience, she has helped countless individuals achieve their personal and professional goals and improve their leadership skills.
Izya is passionate about relational intelligence and life transitions. Her approach is characterized by her kindness, energy, intuition, empathy, creativity, and deep respect for nature. Whether she’s facilitating groups, accompanying individuals, or counseling couples, Izya always brings her best to the table.

Izya contributed to the creation and was a founding partner of Dirigeants et Partenaires, an executive coaching firm focused on career transitions. At the same time, she created Osélience in 2012.
Today, she continues to train and supervise coaches and therapists on topics such as emotional and collective intelligence and change management.
Izya’s work is grounded in the latest research on neuroscience, nonviolent communication (NVC), IMAGO, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). She has studied and trained extensively in France, the US, England, and Switzerland.

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Kevin Barrett


Kevin is an experienced coach with extensive experience guiding leaders through their inner transitions as they navigate career changes. His personal motto, “serenity in the face of change,” is the cornerstone of his approach, and has helped thousands of leaders achieve their personal and professional goals.
In addition to his work with individual clients, Kevin is passionate about supporting visionary leaders who are committed to creating a better world. He is an active member of the Climate Coaching Alliance and works with clients to develop innovative strategies for addressing global challenges.
Prior to joining Osélience, Kevin founded Dirigeants & Partenaires, where he served as a coach and managing partner for over 20 years. He is an expert in design thinking, well-being psychology, and appreciative inquiry, and applies these methodologies to help clients unlock their full potential.
As a “coaches’ coach,” Kevin also works closely with Osélience’s teams to provide guidance and support in their coaching initiatives. Whether working one-on-one with clients or collaborating with other coaches, Kevin is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve lasting success and fulfillment.

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Sandrine Pesenti

Activities’ Coordinator

Warm and caring to all those around her, Sandrine is the guardian of our home and the person you can always count on to ensure a pleasant stay. She is the pillar of the organization and activities. She brings a ray of sunshine in the house even when it rains. Also a yoga teacher, personal development activities are second nature to her.

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Lily Manning

Community Manager

American and French by culture, Lily is the person who keeps the center alive with commitment and creativity on our social networks, website and newsletter; she propels Osélience’s activities around the world.
She has been a part of the Osélience project in Bois Dieu since its beginnings in 2019 and has given her ideas and dynamic energy to move Osélience forward.
With a degree in anthropology and sociology and currently doing a masters in circular economy, Lily is multidisciplinary.
She always had an interest for personal and professional development.

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Sophie Pailla R

Sophie Pailla


Sophie is in charge of caring for our garden. Having left her corporate life in 2017, she is dedicated to what is most important to her: nourishing herself through gardening. Her approach is to bring biodiversity-friendly methods to create beautiful and resilient green spaces.
After taking several training courses in gardening and organic farming, she worked as a gardener while volunteering in a Permaculture association. She experiments with permaculture techniques and educates youth about the value of wild plants and the importance of soil health.
She believes that everyone should have the satisfaction of growing their own vegetables. She will be happy to share with you her secrets of organic gardening in our ornamental and vegetable gardens.

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Mariana Tivadar


Mariana comes to us straight from Romania. She is sweet, always smiling and very caring. You will see her at the center, although she remains discreet to make sure that your stay is relaxing.

She has a taste for beauty and likes to take care of the house. She is the one decorating your rooms. She lovingly makes sure your beds are beautifully made. She is creative and always finds new ideas to improve our daily life.

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Adeline Malhado


Adeline is a woman who knows how to challenge herself to keep learning! She did not hesitate to professionally transition to become a chef, just to pursue her passion. When she came to Osélience, she knew very little about vegetarian cooking. She went for it – learned, created recipes and expanded her knowledge to serve us delicious meals.
You will be delighted by the diversity of her dishes!
With each season, she adapts. At each market, she buys organic because she cares about both the planet and your health.

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Praticienne en massage bien-être

Janique Leblanc

Wellness massage practitioner

Janique, like many at Osélience, comes from a corporate background and has transitioned to dedicate herself to her passion: offering her hands to those in need of body care. Janique is a sunshine and cheerfulness personified, very warm and generous, she gives with her presence, with her hands both firm and gentle. She always brings her full heart to the messages she gives.

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