Whether you want to know yourself better through others, to grow or to mature: one of these workshops could be a cornerstone of your journey. 

For more information, please contact us. You can also find our upcoming dates in the calendar. 

Personal Development Workshops

A weekend for an authentic encounter with your partner. 

Live a loving relationship where each partner can be their true self. 

This workshop is for all couples who want to learn to love in their partner’s love language, to dissolve everyday tensions and to rekindle the flame.  

The course is based on the approaches of: IMAGO, NVC, PNL and poly-vagal theory. 

Rate per couple: from 770€ to 820€ 

See the modalities on the page “Imago Couples“.

  • Learn in a safe environment to communicate in a way that promotes your mutual growth. 
  • Deepen the connection with your partner.
  • Develop a deep, true and affirming voice.
  • Share your frustrations and needs to generate new ways of being connected. 
  • Address conflict from a growth perspective. 
  • Learn about love languages and increase your capacity to cherish. 
  • Develop empathy and compassion for each other. 

Or contact us to received the flyer and/or sign up. 

3 days to transform your relationship with your parent/adult child.

Brand new in France, Izya Barrett offers this transformational workshop. 

Come and explore your relationship to your father, mother and child in complete safety. 
Experience a quality intergenerational encounter, to turn past conflicts into a source of love and growth through the process of outlined dialogues.

Rate per person: 550€ – Including the workshop and full board accommodation. 

  • Engage in constructive dialogue, with the security of being able to express ourself without emotional reactivity. 
  • Create safe listening spaces by holding an empathetic mirror of what you hear. 
  • Bring understanding to family history and traditions.
  • Transforming frustrations into drivers for change. 
  • Forgive, rebuild and revitalise your love for each other. Create commitment by taking into account the subjective experience of each party. 
  • Release unconscious chains. 
  • Gain serenity, love and energy in your family relationships. 

One Sunday a month from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. 

Our Clay Days are at the crossroads between personal development and creativity, to say with your hands what you can’t say with words. They allow a deep connection with oneself. What is expressed is a precious support for the resolution of inner conflicts or for self-realisation.  

Rate: 80€ per day – Including guiding, materials and firing. 

  • Create a deep relationship with what is within you, without judgment. 
  • Explore a space of freedom and respect to create whatever you wish. 
  • Sit in creative silence to deepen the connection with yourself, relaxation and letting go. 
  • Share with the group that supports your creative process. 
  • Receive technical aid, if necessary, for the completion of your envisioned creation. 

"A unique moment of introspection and sharing that makes you grow and that brings a lot of serenity and positive energy for the future" Alexandra.